Life is busy sometimes. We recently went on vacation and spent 8 wanderlust days in the beautiful Emerald City. Coming back home was a whirlwind, I had a Food Show & Open House to finishing planning for work and then you know how it goes when you come back to work after being gone an entire week. So it has taken me a minute (read as “a few weeks”) to get my gatherings together and for that I am sorry. But you know what I have learned in these past few weeks? That life can get complicated and busy and sometimes hard but food should never be that way.

One thing other than vacations that I enjoy every summer is┬ánature’s most delicious natural candies ever – Tomatoes. A true tomato, not one manufactured in a hot house and ripened by gas or on a store shelf, is earthy, sweet, tart and acidic. These delicious jewels make my taste buds sing. This recipe can be used with any tomato – heirlooms, romas, cherry, kumato or any mix.

If your tomatoes are looking a little sad and neglected this is the perfect recipe for them too. The sweetness that has developed in them will shine through and no one will be none the wiser how ugly they were when you started this dish.

What makes this recipe so fantastic is the versatility of this tomato sauce. Eat it as a delicious tomato soup with your favorite toppings, or use it as your tomato sauce in your favorite pasta or zoodle recipe that calls for marinara/pasta sauce. This sauce is perfect for shakshouka too – poaching your eggs in tomato sauce. You can even use this as a base for homemade pizza. The options for this sauce are endless.

I prepared this dish in my favorite dutch oven pan but use any pan or even your slow cooker to make this versatile tomato base!