Filipino BBQ Pork Skewers

Show me someone who doesn’t love BBQ and I will simply tell you that they never had Filipino BBQ then. What makes Filipino BBQ so magical and delicious? It’s the porky goodness that is married with a sweet and tangy glaze.  Filipino BBQ is often served on a skewer with pork meat, but feel free to use chicken and skewers are not necessary but definitely part of the fun!


Growing up, my mom was always in high demand to make her BBQ. She was notorious for her cooking and everyone always wanted her to make her delicious Filipino dishes. The BBQ was a staple every time. Looking back, I would get so angry having to help her in the kitchen. It was such a chore for me. Peeling garlic, chopping this, cutting that. But what I gained from doing all this was the expertise of learning flavors and understanding how she put everything together. Like most moms, my mom didn’t use a recipe. She cooked from her touch and her senses. I am so thankful for all those times she put me to work. Because of that I now make some delicious Filipino BBQ that is always highly requested. And today I get to share a paleo version of this delicious BBQ recipe with you. Making this recipe Whole 30 friendly is also an option – just omit the honey.

This BBQ requires a labor of love. Getting the marinade together is the easiest part – skewering the meat takes some time but the rewards are all worth it. You can soak your meat in the marinade for 2-4 hours but I highly suggest letting your meat sit in the marinade overnight.

Now what are you waiting for? Go and make this recipe! It will quickly become a favorite!